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For the titular character, see Garth.

"Aqualad" is the fourth episode of the second season of Titans, and the fifteenth episode overall. It premiered on September 27, 2019.


Four years ago, Dick, Donna, Hank, Dawn and Garth aka Aqualad are living together in Titans Tower, thriving as a superhero team, and growing into a tight-knit family. But their personal feelings start to bleed more and more into their work, and with the arrival of a new villain, the Titans begin to question their destiny as heroes.[1]



Special appearance by[]

Guest starring[]


  • Nneka Elliott as News Reporter
  • Michal Grezejszczak as Law Clerk
  • Carlos Pinder as John
  • Jenny Brizard as Elana
  • Craig Burnatowski as Military Guard
  • Drew Davis as Andre
  • Daniel Beirne as Jacob Finlay
  • Katy Breier as Record Store Clerk
  • Virna Kim as Burn Victim
  • Brianna Goldie as Assistant District Attorney
  • Joel Labelle as Prosecutor
  • Brian Kaulback as Judge
  • Wayne Wells as Witness #1
  • Darren Marsman as Witness #2


Five Years Ago, Slade is shaving and staring at his image in the mirror. He then goes out into the main room of his hotel room and checks his equipment.

At a federal building, a lawyer is going inside when a bullet from a sniper kills him. The sniper turns out to be Deathstroke, who watches as the medics take the lawyer's body away. Deathstroke then shoots his way into the building, killing everyone in his path. He kills the judge in the conference room, and then returns to the hotel room and tells Wintergreen that the mission is over. When Slade wonders why Wintergreen is there, Wintergreen says that he came to deliver Slade's next assignment in person. He says that it's an easy assignment but an unusual one, and Slade stares at him.

Later in San Francisco, Slade parks on a street and looks into a house with his binoculars. He sees a boy, Jericho. Inside, Jericho makes supper and his mother Adeline returns home. Jericho runs to her and signs that he's been busy, and leads Adeline out to the kitchen. As she smells the lasagna Jericho has been making, Adeline notices that the outside window is open. She looks outside on the street, but there's no sign of Slade. Adeline closes the curtains and tells Jericho that they can never let down their guard, and Jericho nods in agreement.

Later, a family is driving through San Francisco and keeps on getting lost. A truck cuts them off and those passengers get out and pull them out of their SUV. Robin takes one out and then tells the boy, Andre, to stay in the car because they've got it. Hawk and Dove take out the other two gang members, while Robin finishes off his opponent. Another one goes for his gun and Andre shouts a warning, and Robin takes down the criminal before he can shoot. One of them runs, and Wonder Girl knocks open a fire hydrant so that Aqualad can use his hydrokinesis. Wonder Girl says that she's just doing her job and joins the other three, and Aqualad follows her.

The next day at Titans Tower, the group celebrates Garth's birthday. He and Hank joke back and forth, while Donna lies on the bed in her room, reads, and tries to shut out the party noise. Dawn comes in and suggests that she give Garth a choice. Donna says that she's not into him and she's only here for a limited time. Dawn doesn't believe Donna's denials and drags her out to be there when Garth cuts his birthday cake.

Dr. Light beats up Jacob Finley and demands the activator. Jacob dismisses Light as a failure, and Light says that Jacob would be nowhere without his insights. He draws power from the overhead lights and blasts Jacob across the room, but Jacob still refuses to give Light what he wants. Dr. Light turns on the lights and drains their power, then starts torturing Jacob.

Garth's teammates present him with his birthday cake, and Garth insists that Dick should sing. But first Dawn takes a photo of the others. The lights go out and Dick confirms that the whole neighborhood is out. Donna quickly goes with Dawn to get candles, while Dick checks the mainframe. Dawn joins him and Dick says that there was an alert at the mission station. She and Dick kiss, and Dawn tells him not to be Batman.

Donna lights candles in the kitchen and Garth invites her to dinner. She turns him down and Garth asks her what a guy has to do. Donna says that she has a lot to do before she returns to Themyscira, saying that she doesn't have a choice. Garth tells her that she does and reminds her of their shared childhood. The lights come back up and Donna goes to blow out the candles. Once she's alone, Donna texts someone and says that she needs to see them.

The next day at the Wessel Bank , Dr. Light and two of his thugs go in.

The Titans get a report of a break-in at the bank. They text Donna to meet them and head out.

Donna goes to an art gallery and meets with Jillian. Jillian complains that six months ago, Donna begged her to stay in San Francisco with her while she explored her freedom. Now Donna wants to go home, and Donna says that she's procrastinating. Jillian wonders if she's avoiding her destiny, and figures that it's about Garth. She admits that she's been keeping tabs on Donna, and tells her that she still has six months left in the outside world. Jillian says that her exhibit closes in two weeks and if Donna wants to leave for Themyscira then, she'll make the arrangements.

The Titans arrive at the bank as EMTs take the injured people out. There are four dead and a half-dozen burned, as Donna joins her teammates. A safety deposit box was stolen, and Dick suggests someone go through surveillance of the area. Donna and Garth both say they'll do it, and the other three leave.

Back at the Tower, Donna and Garth go through the footage. They spot Dr. Light and Garth offers Donna her favorite orange champagne. She takes a sip, smiles, and hands it back. As Garth drinks it, Donna asks if he remembers drinking it during when they were younger. They talk about their childhood and Donna realizes that Garth brought a clownfish for her even though it wasn't tropical waters. Donna says that she has to leave, and Garth says that he has to as well... someday. Dawn comes in and apologizes for interrupting, and tells them that Dick wants to get the team together.

The team review Arthur Light's record, and the fact he has a degree from Caltech. Light gained his powers from a failed experiment in light manipulation, and Light fried Jacob to get access to something that Jacob kept in a safety deposit box. Dick figures that once they find out what the activator does, they'll find Light.

Donna goes to her room and glances through her book, and then puts it down. She looks at the photo Dawn took at the party.

Garth asks Dick for advice on Donna, and Dick says that he's not the one to give advice because he just got lucky being there when Hank dumped Dawn. Dick says that Garth shouldn't do anything except wait. Garth tells him that he's been waiting for Donna since he was 12, and Dick asks waiting a little longer will hurt. Garth walks off, and Donna approaches Dick. She says that she saw Garth leaving, and Donna says that she talked to Jillian about her tenure. Donna claims that Jillian changed her mind and is taking her back to Themyscira that night. Dick figures that Donna needs more time there, but Donna tells him that it's useless to talk to Jillian. When Dick says that Donna needs to tell Garth, she says that she will when she finds the right moment. The computers then report that the activator was developed by Jacob for the military to take down nuclear missiles.

The Titans suit up, learn when the military is shipping the activator, and head out to fight Dr. Light when he attacks the convoy.

Light's men take out two of the guards guarding the shipment. A third guard spots them and calls in an alert and they move in on him. Meanwhile, Dr. Light gets to the activator and absorbs the energy from it.

Hawk and Dove take out Light's men

Robin knocks Dr. Light away from the activator and turns it off. When Wonder Girl tries to lasso Dr. Light, he throws her into Robin and blasts them.

Outside, one of the thugs gets the drop on Hawk and Dove. Aqualad blasts him with water from a tank, and Robin radios them to come inside. Aqualad gets in front of Dr. Light, blocking the light blasts with his bracelet. Hawk and Dove flank the villain, and Wonder Girl and Robin attack him from the front. When Hawk and Dove take Dr. Light down, Robin jams his staff into the villain's chest unit. Wonder Girl helps Aqualad up, and he tells her he was just doing his job.

Later at the Tower, Jillian texts Donna saying they're departing at midnight. Donna texts back that she'll be there, and Garth arrives and invites her to burgers and beers. He assures her that it's just as friends, and Donna kisses him. Donna drags Garth into her room and they make love on her bed. Later, Garth wakes up and discovers that Donna is gone, leaving the bottle of alcohol on her pillow.

As Donna gets in the elevator, Dick steps out. They look at each other for a moment and then Donna leaves. Dick sits by the fireplace, and Garth comes out. Garth says that Donna stopped by his room, and that he's feeling amazing. Dick realizes that they didn't talk about anything, and Garth realizes that something is wrong.

Donna meets Jillian at an airport hangar, and Garth arrives and asks Donna if she slept with him because she knew she had an out. Garth tells Donna not to run, and she says that he's asking her to choose between her destiny and him. He suggests that maybe they're the same thing, and says that he loves her and always has, and always will. Garth turns and walks away, and Donna runs over and hugs him. There's a gunshot, and Garth turns as a bullet hits him in the chest. Deathstroke fires another shot, and Jillian throws a shuriken deflecting the bullet and just missing the assassin. Jillian drags Donna to cover before Deathstroke can get a clear shot. He quickly leaves while Donna sobs in grief.

The next day at the gallery, Jillian approaches Donna. Donna tells her that she needs to stay there and the team needs her. The older woman tells her to be careful and warns her that vengeance is a dangerous path.

Dick checks the biometric cameras from the airport, trying to identify the killer and getting one match in the process.

Hank and Dawn are cleaning up from the party when Donna comes in. Dawn hugs her, and Donna blames herself for Garth being at the airport. Hank tells her that it's not her fault, and Dick comes in and says that he found the shooter: Deathstroke. He tells the others, and Hank promises that they'll find Deathstroke and bring him in. Dawn tells Dick that now it's the time to be Batman.

One Week Later, Jericho is at a record store going through the racks. Dick offers him in a record in trade for the one Jericho found, and Jericho agrees. They introduce themselves and look at a poster together.


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  • Some of this episode's easter eggs include:[2]
    • The series has alluded to Aqualad in the past, but this week was the first time viewers got to meet the Titans aqua ally.
    • In the comics Aqualad was a founding member of the Teen Titans.
    • Curiously, he had no name other than Aqualad until 1984’s ‘Tales of the Teen Titans’ #45, where he was given the name Garth, which this episode used multiple times.
    • In addition to possessing the abilities most Atlanteans have, Garth gained new telekinetic and water manipulation abilities in 1996’s ‘Aquaman’ #20.
    • While there was no romance between Garth and Donna during the original 1960’s ‘Teen Titans’ title, there was some playful innocent flirting and pet names.
    • Since Wonder Girl was the only female on the original team (until Lilith came along), there was some tension over who got her attention, but Garth mostly stayed out of it.
    • In 1976’s ‘Teen Titans’ #44 Kid Flash and Speedy’s rivalry over Wonder Girl was almost enough to cause the team to break up before they had finished reforming.
    • During this week’s episode, Arthur Light captured and tortured Jacob Finlay, a name very important to him in the comics. Dr. Jacob Finlay was Arthur’s former partner, introduced in 1989’s ‘Secret Origins’ #37
    • Finlay was the one who developed the Dr. Light super suit and used it to become a superhero. His heroic career wasn’t very successful, and Arthur accidentally killed his partner. Arthur then took up his former partner’s mantle, and believed the suit should be used for crime.