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Detective Amy Rohrbach (died 2018) was a police detective of the Detroit Police Department.


Amy moved from Oakland to Detroit, Michigan, joining the Detroit Police Department, being paired with Dick Grayson. While he was initially cold towards her, he soon asked her if she had any updates on the Robin case, much to her surprise, apologizing for the way he'd been acting. Later, Rohrbach ran into Dick outside the police precinct, inquiring as to his previous partner, Amy deducing that Dick wasn't as horrible as he came across.[1]

Rohrbach was called by Charlie to the coroner's office, who showed her the cadaver of a man whose internal organs had all burst. Shortly following, she called Dick to check up on his whereabouts, before telling him that they'd found the body of a fake officer who'd checked Rachel Roth out the night before. Amy promised to send through all of the information to Dick. Sometime later, Rohrbach returned home, finding a girl crying on her floor. The girl turned round, having been faking it, and she and her brother begun beating her. They were shortly joined by their parents.[2] Following this, Rohrbach died, likely from the wounds inflicted.[3]


In the DC Nightwing Volume 2, she was one of the few honest cops in Bludhaven police department. She worked with Dick Grayson who also worked there and figured out he was Nightwing. Even though she compelled him to retire, she kept it a secret.


Season 1[]


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