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"You know, when Diana took me in, she showed me how to fill the hole that fire left in my life with love and with family. That's just what the Amazons do. They have a tradition of empowerment and self-discovery."
Donna Troy to Dick Grayson[src]

Amazons are a race of warrior women that inhabit the planet Earth. Specifically, they live on the so-called paradise island Themyscira.


Although Amazons are generally similar to human women in appearance, they are distinguished from them by their inhuman abilities. The Amazons possess superhuman strength, speed, longevity, agility and reflexes, further honed by their years of combat training.


Amazons are born and raised in Themyscira. During ancient times, before history was even created, a lone hero erected a monument to represent the human soul, named Pnevma. Ages later, two Amazons, Diana and Donna Troy, left Themyscira and became vigilantes. At some point Lydia once had a daughter, though she was killed in battle.[1]

In 2014, the Amazon Jillian became the target of the assassin Deathstroke,[2] who tried to kill her but Aqualad took the lead, dying instead.[3]

Later, several Amazon guards went to Jillian's art gallery to protect her, but all were killed by the Deathstroke, which left Donna injured.[2]

In late 2019, Donna died during one of her missions, so the Amazons went to her wake and took her body back to Themyscira. Rachel also decided to go with them,[4] spending months training under Myrrha and being mentored by Lydia.

In 2020, she attempted to resurrect Donna with her demonic powers, causing Lydia to alert the council of her actions, fearing that Donna's soul could have potentially corrupted as a result. Hoping to restore balance, the council allowed Lydia to find a way to do so. This came in the form of having Rachel rebuild the Pnevma after Lydia purposely destroyed it. After many tries fixing the monument, Rachel opted instead to leave Themyscira, finding closure in Donna's death, before discovering her body gone. In reality, Donna was able to return to the living after being in the Underworld, finding herself witnessing a fire where she encountered and saved Bruce Wayne from his own suicide.[1]

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Behind the scenes[]

  • In the DC comics, the Amazons are a race that exist from Greek mythology who live in Themyscira.
  • In the comics, Amazons are immortal and doesn't age beyond their prime. It is currently unknown if that is the case Titans series, but they likely are.


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