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"In our village, Alazul is our hero. He lives between the moon and the stars, and in the time of greatest need, he flies down and saves you."
—Luis to Dick Grayson[src]

Alazul (Spanish: "Bluewing") is a mythical figure from a village, depicted as a hero who protects the weak in their time of need.


"A bird that comes in the night and saves people?"
Dick Grayson to Luis[src]

While imprisoned in Kane County Detention Center, Dick Grayson learned about Alazul from his cellmate, Luis, who explained that he saves people when they need it the most. Grayson was skeptical, but he was inspired by Luis' faith and he decided to help him and his other cellmate, Raphael, escape from prison.

When Luis and Raphael were overpowered by several guards as they tried to escape, Grayson swooped in and defeated the guards, saving his former cellmates.[1]

After he was put in solitary for aiding a prison escape, Dick saw a bird outside of his cell and was reminded of Alazul. He was further reminded of the mythical bird hero when he saw his winged shadow on the floor.[2]


Season 2[]


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