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Dr. Adamson (died 2018) was the messenger of an organization with an interest in Rachel Roth and Trigon.


Dr. Adamson arrived at the house of the Nuclear family, and activated them to find and retrieve Rachel Roth.[1]

The family, bar Dad, arrived at Adamson's residence in Chicago, Illinois, to report their failure. Adamson tempted killing them, but Sis questioned why Roth was so special. Adamson told them about Rachel's father Trigon, a powerful being who planned to scrub the Earth clean. Adamson kept the family alive and promised them a new father.[2]

Visiting Agnews Asylum, Adamson took a newly-brainwashed "Nuclear Stepdad". After that, Adamson was visited by Dick Grayson, who was looking for answers as to why he was targeting Rachel. However, due to him being exposed, a team of armed soldiers entered the room, attempting to kill the two men. However, they were saved by Jason Todd.[3] Adamson was knocked out and taken to one of Bruce Wayne's safehouses. When he was awoken by Kory, he refused to speak to anyone but Rachel.[4]

Adamson and Rachel talked, and he expressed his belief that he was on the planet to heal. He smashed a nearby water level, slicing his own throat, forcing Rachel to heal him, proving his point. After the others left, Adamson was extracted, being taken to his office in Agnews Asylum. He had Rachel brought to him after she'd come to the asylum. He showed her video feeds of her imprisoned friends, requesting that all she had to do was summon her father. Refusing to do so, Rachel's demonic side took over and she reopened his throat wound, killing him.[5]


Season 1[]


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